Tayens Projects
Low carbon building facades for Ireland & U.K.
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Fabrication & Installation of Low Carbon Building Envelopes

Who we are

Over 14 years experience manufacturing facades & furniture for construction projects worldwide whilst living in South East Asia. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Best In Class manufacturers of revolutionary building facade materials.

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Curved Glass Ireland

What we do

We manufacture and install G.F.R.C (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), Glass (Curved, Jumbo sized, 3D Curved, etc) & C.L.B (Cross Laminated Bamboo) throughout Ireland & U.K

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Cross Laminated Bamboo Ireland
About Us

Company news

Partnerships- Furna
Nov 5, 2019

At Tayens Projects we are content with our main manufacturing partners and confident that these are the best manufacturers of their products Worldwide. We have Interior designers, furniture designers, Installation Partners and many more. Today we are proud to collaborate with Furna. Furna manufacture office fit-out solutions predominantly in the U.K.. We have known the guys at Furna for 10 years and delighted to work on future projects.Check out https://www.furna.co.uk/

Whats our strategy?
Nov 5, 2019

We have over 14 years manufacturing experience in China. Utilising the company our Managing Director still works with and 3 other best in class manufacturing partners, we are bringing the best products to your market. We have our own factory for all custom furniture in Shenzhen, China. Here we can do all Wood forming, Steel, Fabric and much more. All our materials and products are International Standard. We already manufacture for International 4&5 Star hotels, Commercial Real Estate projects and many more. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss how we can make your project....

Focussing on the Irish & UK Market
Nov 5, 2019

We've made Custom/Bespoke Furniture & Facades for the Worlds Most Respected Comapnies in China for Australia, South Africa & U.S.A, we are focussing on the Irish & U.K. Market. We've manufactured items for Apple Retail Flagship Stores all over Asia, Middle East, Hotels in Australia & U.S.A, Army barracks in Australia, Paris Fashion Show, Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium and many more. We are happy to discuss your projects with you.

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